Table Sidero

Sidero, the word comes from the Greek term for iron. The name of this table speaks for itself: solid, compact, and stable, yet with subtle and simple lines that lighten it and make it seem almost suspended in space, it is a discreet and elegant presence, suitable for modern as well as classic spaces.

Particular attention has been carefully put both into the production, which is entirely Italian, and the design: a system of joints and slots allows the table to travel while unassembled, so it can be assembled and taken apart quickly and easily, following you every time you move into a new space.

The modularity of sizes, from the largest to the smallest, and the possibility to customize the colour (from standard white to the selection of Cargo palettes, to customization in the entire ral range), make this table extremely versatile and adaptable to any space, and context.

Available in 5 sizes.

White (RAL 9003) color embossed finish: 6-week shipping.

Metallic finish Cargo palette colours: taupe (YW355F); ochre (Y2316F); beige (Y2317F); light corten (YX355F); dark corten (SXA05L); medium warm gray (YW358F); light warm gray (YW356F); bottle green (YW354F); sage green (SX360I); anthracite (YW361F); medium cool gray (YW365F); light cool gray(SW306I): 6-week shipping.

Customizable RAL colors in embossed finish: the delivery time is to be defined at the time of the order.

All finishes are made from AzkoNobel materials, a global leader in paint products.

1.128,00 1.898,00 

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Lenght 140 cm; width 140 cm; height 73 cm
Length 120 cm; width 70 cm; height 73 cm
Length 140 cm; width 80 cm; height 73 cm
Length 160 cm; width 80 cm; height 73 cm
Length 180 cm; width 90 cm; height 73 cm


Lenght 120 – recommended for 4
Lenght 140 – recommended for 4/6
Lenght 160 – recommended for 6
Lenght 180 – recommended for 6/8


Painted metal.

Metal finish

Embossed, metallic


White – prompt delivery, Palette Cargo – delivery in 4 weeks, RAL color of your choice – delivery time to be defined.