Morgan Bookcase

It looks like a ladder but it is a bookcase, functional and easily placed wherever shelves are needed by simply leaning it against the wall. In the living room, bedrooms, study or bathroom it is always ideal to optimize the space available. It can be used individually or in series for an original and versatile solution. Its linear and fun design is ideal for books, CDs and DVDs, indoor plants and your dearest memories.

The 60cm length allows for more storage than the Step model.

Shelves are 51cm long and vary in depth from a maximum of 32cm to a minimum of 16cm (shelf dimensions excluding frames).

Made of linden wood; the black lacquer finish gives it a modern, contemporary look.


10 in stock

Weight 130 kg
Dimensions 0,39 × 6 cm

Length 60 cm; maximum depth 34 cm; height 191 cm




Black lacquered