Camille Chair

All the chairs that Cargo exclusively offers are seats with timeless charm. They are the result of expert technology and a long craftsmanship tradition that allows for great customisation of materials and colours.

The refinement of the finest raw materials, the leathers and fabrics made in Italy, the wood from protected forests in Eastern Europe or from recycled and sustainable materials, all these elements form a collection of chairs with character, entirely finished by hand with exquisite craftsmanship. Perfect for the office and study, for dining or a conversation with essential elegance and comfort.

The tubular iron structure gives this chair’s evident solidity and allows for a slight oscillation thanks to the flexibility of the material, which, together with the padding in both the seat and the backrest, makes it comfortable and convenient. It is particularly suitable for executive desks and meeting rooms, but it also easily adapts to home office situations and boardrooms.


Weight 74,4 kg
Dimensions 0,223 cm

Length 54 cm; depth 57 cm; height 85 cm; seat height 44 cm; seat depth 42 cm


Iron frame, leather seat and backrest